RubyInstaller RC1 is out

December 26, 2009 at 10:42 am Leave a comment

There’s finally an easy way to install Rails with Ruby 1.9 using the recently released RubyInstaller (Release Candidate). RubyInstaller uses MinGW (Windows port of GCC compiler) to create binaries and provides better compatibility with the Windows environment. You can get more info and download it here.

This marks the end of Ruby’s OneClickInstaller that majority of people used to install Ruby.

Main things to note (from the official FAQ):

Q: Why can’t I simply download the latest MRI binary distributions for Windows from

A: The binary packages for Windows found on lack several key components, such as OpenSSL, Zlib and Readline, which results in a broken experience for users trying install these binary distributions out-of-the-box. To compound the issue, other extensions are built-in, but lack essential bindings such as Tk and gdbm. Locating and installing the correct versions of these missing components can be tricky; RubyInstaller seeks to alleviate these difficulties and make the installation process dead-simple by providing everything you need to get started in one straightforward installation package.

Q: If I install both versions, is there some graceful way of selecting which version is active at a given time (e.g., which ruby.exe is invoked, which irb.bat is called, etc.)?

A: Pik is excellent for this coordination—check it out


I haven’t yet installed it myself, but will definitely try it out. If you already have experience with the RubyInstaller – drop me a comment!


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