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Rails 3 screencasts

Great screencasts of upcoming Rails 3 release, that show you the main differences from Rails 2. Watch them here.


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Two monitors on Windows

I am working with two monitors and there are 2 things that I use, one is now a standard Windows 7 feature and second is a patch to Flash that you might find useful:

1 – Moving applications / windows from one monitor to another – Now Windows 7 has a shortcut Shift-Win-Left and Shift-Win-Right that will move selected application from one monitor to another. Before I had to use an external app to do this. Very useful!

2 – I am often using my 2nd monitor to watch flash-based video. The annoying thing about it is that Flash won’t keep on full screen, as it react to a click outside of the screen and closes the full screen. Well, there is a patch to Flash, that allows you to watch full screen Flash on the second monitor, while working / browsing on the second. It works for Google Chrome as well! Go download it here.

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